Antonella fiordelisi temptation island

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antonella fiordelisi temptation island


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I remember having lunch with you in the showrooms and offices listening to my music and all genres of music for your motivation and passion. We always shared the same love of fashion and music. You have inspired so many people and your fashion culture will be here forever. You have mastered the craft and are one of the first to have such an impact. This is why you are the king of fashion and my bestie I love you so much.

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The feelings for Fiordelisi would be very strong, so much so that already dream of starting a family:. Everything has made me fall in love with Antonella. It is a very beautiful girl, very shy and reserved, but with a great personality. Won me over with its sweetness. However, we may see him again soon in television, in the new edition of the reality show that made him known. Rumour has it, in fact, that he and Fiordelisi will be among the protagonists of Temptation Island Vip , will be broadcast in September. Finally, non-existent, not to say bad, the relationship between Chiofalo, and Savage Rome, the former with which he participated in his first edition of Temptation Island.

The surgery was successful, but has certainly not been without consequences. Chiofalo, which is subject to long cycles of radiation therapy, continues to take medication and, every six months, undergo continuous controls to keep the situation under control. Francis, moreover, has lost feeling in the right leg. Why now is interface with mobility difficulties: can not run like this before, nor swim. Even driving has become more complicated, so much so that the guy moves around the city with a car equipped with hand controls.






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