Dan schneider foot fetish

Ousted Nickelodeon Producer Rumored to Have Abused Actresses, Received $7 Million Payout

dan schneider foot fetish

Among the most recurrent rumors about Dan Schneider claim that the year- old ex-producer has a foot fetish, and exploited his position at.

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Dan Schneider, former TV producer for Nickelodeon, turns out to be a pretty weird fella. Nickelodeon parted ways with him a little less than a year ago, and I figured it was because he had been there awhile and they just wanted to bring in a fresh mind. However, the reasons they let him go are not what I expected. The weirdest thing about Schneider is his unknown foot fetish. There are clear signs not only on Twitter and other sources, but from the shows themselves. One of the episodes literally starts with Sam Jennette McCurdy having smiley faces on her toes along with dyed cotton balls for hair. After Trina gets smooth feet, the entire school surrounds her and starts feeling her feet in amazement.

Yesterday Nickelodeon announced that it would be cutting ties with Dan Schneider , creator of several of its most successful programs including The Amanda Show , Zoey , and iCarly. Typically, the inner workings of television networks are of interest only to folks in the industry. Among the things that have raised eyebrows are his tweeted photos of the toes of his young female stars. Rumors are part and parcel of being in the public eye. If we were to believe all of them, that would mean Katy Perry is actually JonBenet Ramsey and Avril Lavigne was long ago replaced by a lookalike.

My friends mentioned to me that the creator of Drake and Josh and iCarly has a massive thing for feet? I just googled it and turned out he's been fired from.
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Started by poohbear , 5 May. Posted 5 May edited. After mentioning him in the Ariana Grande thread, and him getting his lolcow thread, I think it's about time, especially considering that the Vic thread has blown up, to make a thread for the infamous Dan Schneider. I hope this is a comprehensive thread, I've never done a summary before. This will be a looong one.

Hollywood is creepy place, to say the very least. While Im not in the business, I know people who are on a personal level, and they have told me things that have made my skin crawl. The following article is a summary of some the things they have openly talked to me about. The theme of pedophilia in Hollywood is all too common; I mean ridiculously common. Its all hush-hush because of the amount of money and executive power most of these people have, but regardless, stories get out. Stories like parents who are familiar with the business whoring their own children off to known pedophile producers and have no problem doing so because theyre usually abusive themselves and want their child to become the familys cash cow. Many parents who unfamiliar with the business dont realize what theyre getting their child into beforehand, but when their child confides in them after being inappropriately touched by a producer, the parents dont want to file an accusation and ruin everything that child has essentially built for them.


Dan Schneider Foot Fetish

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Dan Schneider


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