Dark souls 2 swordsman

'Dark Souls II' Preview: Into Darkness (PS3)

dark souls 2 swordsman

Dark Souls 2 - Swordsman Class Challenge - The Pursuer

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And I was wondering I really like Dual-wielding but I am afraid of it just being too much of a challenge seeing how I'll be unable to block right? I am unsure of whether to go with dual-wielding or to engulf myself in heavy armor with a shield and hope for the best? How is dual-wielding anyway? Considering its new to the soul series I think? For future reference, please create threads related to a particular game in that game's forum.

Classes determine the starting equipment and stats of the player in Dark Souls II. Vigor increases maximum health. Endurance determines overall stamina. Vitality controls maximum equipment load. Attunement governs the number of spells that can be attuned, and boosts spell uses and spell-casting speed. Strength boosts strength weapon attack and allows use of heavier weapons. Dexterity boosts dexterity weapon attack, allows use of technical weapons, and increases potency of Poisons and Bleed effects.

Two hours spent clawing my way through the betahere are my impressions of 'Dark Souls II' so far. I'm standing near an unlit bonfire. Summon signs litter the earth at my feet. To my left is a merchant, hunched near an outcropping of rocks, wearing a cloak that makes her look strangely inhumanwhich, I suppose, is only to be expected from undead merchants. I don't tarry long, browsing her wares some weapons and armor, nothing I need, some items I barely glance atI'm eager to start exploring. I have 5, souls to spend but I use most of it to level up my Dual Swordsman, adding a bit of Dexterity and Agility. In the two-hour beta session that Namco Bandai and From Software ran this evening, you start around soul level 20, which I bumped up four or so levels before heading out, into the darkness.

Swordsman or Knight?

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